Chemicals for all your textile needs

  • Best Quality Pre-Treatment and Finishing Chemicals for all your textile needs.

  • Wide range of acrylic, styrene acrylic and vinyl acetate homo- and co-polymer dispersions are available for traditional,technical textile, nonwovens applications and fashion effects. Selfcrosslinking, crosslinkable and selfthickening systems with different softness and high durabilities serve different demands. ArrowTexChem Research and Development team is developing new ecological products continuously to improve environmental safety during production and usage.

Product List

  • Arrow FF Fix

  • Arrow Wett

  • Arrow Wett WS

  • Arrow Soft CS

  • Arrow Leva RL

  • Arrow Silky Soft

  • Arrow HF Silica

  • Arrow soap

  • Arrow soap con

  • Arrow Soap WA